UMEWAKA Yasunori will introduce you to the world of “Noh”.
My father Yasuyuki passed away on the 20th of January last year. Many people showed us sympathy, and I thank you all cordially for your consideration. Throughout the year last year, things bustled about and passed by quickly mostly with BAIKOU-KAI (memorial service for amateurs). The UMEWAKA-KAI will be sponsoring the first anniversary of Yasuyukifs death; March 21st in Tokyo, May 6th in Osaka, and September 20th in Kyoto. Also the OGATAMA (The name of the Noh performance that UMEWAKA Yasuyuki plays in, which is held every second Saturday in November.) will be held to recollect Yasuyuki on November 13th, and a memorial service will also be held on November 23rd at Yokohama Noh theater. I surmise this year will be as busy as last year.

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